Ooshies is publicly available

Amazing features

Pick your favorite bundle of joy and receive a hug whenever you need one.

Live wallpaper

Your homescreen will never be the same again. Just double tap it whenever you need a hug.

A lot of variety

Everyone's got a favorite. Pick yours from the 12 unique ooshies. Also a lot more to come.

Unlockable content

Unlocking new ooshies is always fun. Share them with your friends and try beating the mini-games.


Weather updates

The current weather is a glance away. Try hugging the clouds.

Social login

Want the same cuteness overload on your tablet? Or your new phone? Login to unlock the power of sync.

Many surprises

You have to trust us on this one. The app gets better the longer you use it.

The Ooshies Team

We are hugable too!


Ivan Medo Dimoski

The Android Guy

Dusko Jovanovski

The Java Guy

Verica Piperevska

The Designer Girl


Go on. Click them.